Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does all this cost?
Honestly, it differs from project to project. Contact me and we’ll figure out what works for your budget.


2. How old are you, really?
23. Don’t be weird about it.


3. How far are you willing to travel for a shoot?
I’m based in Los Angeles, but have travelled to shoots in the Bay Area, the humid lakes of Nebraska, and Tijuana. There’s really no limitations in terms of location - just give me some time to get there. 


4. I have a gross pimple on my face. Can you help with that?
For small to medium-sized pimples, I’m your guy. For anything crazier than that, I have a team of retouchers that will get the job done.


5. How much time should I set aside for a shoot?
I was able to shoot Kareem Adbul-Jabar in three minutes. I also spent 12 hours on set for a university shoot. Depends on what the shoot calls for.


6. Can you make me look younger?
[See Question #4 - the Pimple Question]

7. I need you for a last-minute shoot tomorrow. Is that chill?
Yep, extremely chill. If I’m free, let’s do it.

8. I’m dying to have you photograph my super awesome [insert shoot description]. How do we get started?
Click here. Let’s be friends.