Hi, I’m Robert and I love making things. Welcome to my things-I-made-and-ended-up-liking portfolio site.

I’m the high school A/V Club geek that blossomed into a full-time photographer/filmmaker geek. I live behind a camera, at a computer, and in Los Angeles traffic. I’m 1% water, 99% coffee. A hip-hop enthusiast. 

My clients have included Loyola Marymount University (my alma mater), Chase Paymentech, EduTech company BirdBrain Education, music sites, startups, modeling agencies, and everything in between. I specialize in editorial-style portrait photography, but let me know what elements your project needs and we’ll figure it out together. 

Without giving too much away, the secret to my craft lies in one thing: collaboration. I work with my clients to produce visuals they’re satisfied with, long after they’ve left the shoot. Sometimes I even plop said visuals onto my portfolio. 

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